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Seez AI modules seamlessly layered on top of our GPT-powered chatbot


AI-Powered Bot for your Dealership

Seez AI modules seamlessly layered on top of our GPT-powered chatbot

Always on: customer support with Seezar

With Seezar, empower your dealership to reach your customers, 24/7. The personalized chatbot, trained on your content, ensures instant responses to customer inquiries.



Edit the base prompt, give the chatbot a name, personality traits and instructions on how to answer.

Embeddable Widget

Embed an iFrame and add a chat bubble anywhere on your website.

Natural Language

By default, the chatbot uses GPT-3.5-Turbo, but GPT-4 is available on the higher plans.

Everything you need to create your own AI Chatbot

Simply add the Seezar ChatGPT code snippet to your website and you are ready to start chatting!

Join the waitlist

Register for Seezar to get your dealership’s account started.

Start Training

Select the content you want the chatbot to train on and click on Start Training.

Insert Code Snippet

We will send you a code snippet to add to the your website.

Get Started

You now have your own chatbot that can answer anything related to your content.

Upcoming Iterations: Evolution of Our Problem-Solving Chatbot

Valuable data insights with every response

Need-Based Search Recommendation: help your customers find the right car that fits their need on your website directly.

Comparison Features: side by side comparison between multiple cars based on vehicle listing details.

Generate leads organically with Seezar’s lead management tools

Integrate your inventory data and offers to generate leads for your salespeople, tailored to customer needs.

Allow customers to submit contact information to create leads, book test drives, perform trade-in valuation or start a new order directly from the chatbot

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